Natural Dog Treats Bully Chews 100g

Bully Chew (Standard Pouch)

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Bully chews are manufactured using dehydration with no preservatives or additives . A chew-able treat which will last a bit longer and also act as a dental aid.

Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Beef.

Standard pouch Contains Approx 100 grams.

also known as Bully Stick

Customer Reviews

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Zelda LOVES these.

These have proven to be a must have to keep Zelda (8 month old Kelpie X puppy) occupied. Bonus is they keep her teeth nice and clean! Definitely recommend 😊

All natural dental cjre

My girl always gets complimented on her amazing pearly whites... this is our secret! Hands down her favourite treat ever. I think she would sell me for a packet.

No odour stick!

These are the first bully sticks I have found that have no odour! I'm so shook I can finally feed my dogs bully sticks with our worrying about that feral smell!

These bullies are tastier than the ones at the dog park

We hate this one bully dog that always barks at us and tries to bite us at the park, so when mum said ‘do you want a bully?’ with that silly high pitched voice, we got really scared because no, we didn’t want to see that bully! Then she waved this bag at us which smelled like a medium-well piece of rump and we were so confused. Long story short, I woofed at mum to hurry her up to open up the bag and WOW we love these bullies! Crunchy and good at cleaning our teefies! Take that park bully!