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Reward & Training Bundle (Medium)

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Rewards & Training is a collection of our reward and bite-size treats. 

Easy to put in a training pouch when your out and about. Easy to break up into bite sized pieces. 

Using treats is a great way to keep your doggo focused on you in training, and to promote good behaviour.

Our Reward & Training Standard includes

  • Beef Puff -Standard Pouch (70 grams)
  • Kangaroo liver - Large Pouch (175 grams)
  • Lamb Puff - Large Pouch( 125  grams)
  • Pork Puff - Standard Pouch (70 grams)
  • Fish Bites - Standard Pouch ( 100 grams)
  • Fish strips - Standard Pouch (100 grams
  • Beef liver - Standard Pouch( 100 grams)